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About Econnect

Econnect is a Czech non-profit organisation whose aim is to help other non-profit organisations in the Czech Republic to use electronic communication systems and to have easy access to information technology. Econnect was founded in 1991, motivated by the need for communication between ecological action groups gathered around the Green Circle umbrella organisation. The name "Econnect", an abbreviation of "easy connection", was established from a commitment to provide smooth connections between action groups.

The group of ecological organisations had been considering mutual co-operation and exchange of information since 1989 and finally turned to Econnect to fulfill their needs. From the very beginning Econnect wanted to cover all areas of the Czech and Slovak Republic and in order to do this it created a network consisting of ten organisations based in the big towns. The selected networking organisations were considered to be the most prominent supporters of the ecological movement at the time when many of the organisations had just been founded.

Connection to the Internet and access to electronic mail has been provided to Econnect since 1991. However, at that time the Internet had not yet been established as a major form of communication and was only one of several means of communicating. Within the last five years the Internet has become very popular and many tools for Internet communication have been quickly developed. Now the Internet is being used as the basic means for communication.

Meanwhile Econnect has become a very interesting source of up-to-date information from the non-profit sector. It is also a medium where non-profit organisations can present their work to the public. In 1991, Econnect became a member of the international community of internet providers bearing the name Association for Progressive Communications (APC). APC concentrates on work with non-profit organisations and civil action groups.

Econnect Services
Econnect provides consultations involving the use of its service free of charge. We can recommend how to start working with the Internet and how to use all Internet services in the best and most efficient way. If you are not sure about technical features of your project, we are ready to offer you the most suitable solution.

Services we offer include:

  • Connection to the Internet network
  • Comprehensive presentation of your organisation on the Internet, including development of all www applications, databases and webdesign
  • Technical support for users, administration of computer networks, technical partnerships within the projects
  • Support to reach the highest number of visitors to your pages and to promote your pages on the Internet
  • Conference services
  • Training

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